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Slide show page contains rare photographs of Meher Baba, Spiritual Master, taken in London in 1931 by Japanese photographer Imai.

Photographs by Martin Cook taken between 1966 and the present day, ranging from Art Prints to rare Celebrity Photographs to Archival Photographs of collections of Meher Baba, Spiritual Master who died in 1969.

Photographs from the collections can be made ready for photographic print supply by enquiry to the email contact address. Some early prints of Meher Baba in the 1930's can be ordered worldwide. Prints from USA are supplied on traditional silver bromide monochrome and will not fade. The European laboratory supplies prints on colour photographic paper to the rest of the world.

Celebrity Photographs are available for print and publication by negotiation

Information about Meher Baba can be obtained from
and more photographs of Meher Baba can be viewed at